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If you are a black American, you may have encountered some setbacks based on racism. It is one of the worst scenarios that you can ever think of. There is that notion that blacks are not as important as the whites. Nonetheless, this is a notion that do not hold waters. Thus, if you are a black, you do not need to buy this notion because it will lower your self esteem. You may end up thinking how useless you are. However, you must know that God values you as well. There have been lots of discrimination to the black community to some extent that some feel like losing hope while there. Nonetheless, it’s good to be strong and identify yourself with positive minds that can build you if you are a black.

Lyke Conference is one among the many groupings that have been embraced by lots of black people. This is particularly the Catholics. This conference is usually organized annually and it is meant for the best interests of the black catholic people. Irrespective of the fact that you may be down trodden in several instances, this conference revives the hopes within so many people who may be in the verge of losing hope. They are trained on several aspects that will truly help them to endure and come out strong in whatever challenges that they face. They are taught about Christian values that they ought to hold unto in spite of the barriers along the way. Without good morals you may never make it in life thus they are taught on how to have good morals in every day life.

This conference brings together people with different needs in life hence at the end of it all people learn a lot based on their needs. Leadership is a crucial aspect that requires wisdom and knowledge. This conference helps in nurturing upcoming leaders who may want to venture in different fields. There are those who may want to serve in different capacities like politically, in the church or serving the community. If you are in such a situation, nothing should hinder you from stepping out and going for what you want. When it comes to church matters, there are so many people who have great aspirations of serving in different capacities in the church but there is that fear or lack of information that hinders many from reaching out to their goals.

Liturgy is well trained, directions and advise given to the people who desperately need it. In this conference, the blacks are also trained on several legal issues like knowing your rights. You should not allow other people to pin you down because of your color. At the same time, you must adhere to the laws of the state that you live in. In short, you should not be a rebel to justify the wrong deeds that may have been done by other people. You can visit the Lyke conference website to read more about what you are like to learn from this conference. On the other hand, you will be able to register yourself for the next conference if you are interested in attending.

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